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I was happy to see an article on the "Times Picayune" about "Coffee".

I am from Florence , Italy and live in New Orleans since 1990. I work for one of the most important Italian Coffe company Segafredo-Zanetti.

If anybody have any question about our products, or about coffee in general please contact me.

Segafredo is looking to expand their presence in USA, any business opportunity is welcome
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Salute, Nicola and welcome to Chef Talk.

If you are hoping for professionals to talk to about your coffee, you are better off posting in The Inside Scoop or one of the other professional forums. This one is only for introductions, as the note from Nicko says.

Here in this forum, however, please do tell us about yourself and your culinary interests. I visited your home city this summer and enjoyed it very much.

After you have introduced yourself, please feel free to visit all of our forums.


Mezzaluna, moderator
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