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Everyone seems to have their own method for opening coconuts, and then removing the meat. Which technique works best for you?
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Whoever is on my S**t list at work gets it cracked open on their head!!
P.s. only kidding
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1. Bang on concrete floor for outer husk.

2. Judiciously apply hammer for shell.

3. Large blade screwdriver as needed.

Works like a charm, although for some reason when I'm in mid-smash Planet of the Apes clips always come to mind.


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To open a coconut, pierce the "eyes" with an ice pick or large nail, and drain the liquid from the coconut. To remove the shell
easily, bake the drained coconut at 350 degrees F for 20 to 30 minutes, or put it in the freezer for an hour. Then place the
coconut on a firm surface, and tap the shell lightly with a hammer in several places until it cracks. Separate the meat from the

From The University of Illinois, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Horticulture Solutions Series
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im not sure if you need it shredded, but you can buy specialty devices that you put half a shell on a spike, turn and push the handle, and the attachement shreds the meat inside the shell, no wastage - this is big with ppl from the indian subcontinent for use with their curries.
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Here is how i deal with a coconut.

1. I use a hammer to crack it open over the sink. Then break it into large pieces.

2. I then place it in the oven so that the meat will lift off the shell. To aid in this I use a screwdriver to finish prying the flesh off the shell.

3. After which I then use a veg. peeler to get the hard skin off.

You have left only the meat, to do whatever...

D. Lee
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The reason I ask is that for years, I've always used the standard method: Poke the eyes out with a screwdriver (ooh! sounds brutal!), bake 350 for 25 min. until it cracks, and break off shell. But I find that some coconuts are more stubborn than others, in terms of the meat separating from the shell. I though that maybe there's a better way. The other day, I was trying to pry it off with a screwdriver, and accidentally rammed the screwdriver under my cuticle. (no blood). But that was my reason for posting. I thought that maybe it was so stubborn because it was underripe, but when I finally got a piece off, it tasted fine.

Incidentally, I worked with a Phillipine woman who demonstated how they open coconuts in her country. They take the coconut in their left hand, a cleaver in the right, chop once, toss, chop, toss, chop. Done, in three hits.

I value my hands too much to try it, but it was cool to watch.
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i worked with a phillipino women who opened coconuts in a minute...same as your phillipine . momoreg,,,, the trouble we had was gettint the flesh off the shell.
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about seperating cocunut flesh from shell I have always used a butter knife.Once you start the knife between the meat and shell it will seperate easily. I used a screwdriver and hammer to remove the husk,splitting the husk on 3 sides and pulling it off. I used the hammer to tap it open.When I just had the nut in my kitchen I just taped it open with the back of my 12 in. forchner over a work bowl and strained the juice.Good cookin...cookie.
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