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Not much you can do with it while it's whole. You can play catch with it, or hammer in nails, if you lose your hammer. You can make a dummy head of a chimp with it.

Or you can cut it open, and have a halved coconut, which I find slightly more useful. You can drink the milk, and use the halves as cups for exotic drinks or soups.
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The liquid inside a coconut is water. You have to work a little harder to get coconut milk. Many delicious recipes with coconut milk.

To learn cracking & milking Coconuts go



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It depends on whether the coconut is young or old. Young coconut has a green husk (copra) and old coconut is normally sold with the outer layer removed. There are three things you can do with young coconut. The first is to remove the outer layer, dry it, and use it for fuel. The next is to hack the top off, crack the inner shell, sip the coconut water out, scrape the tender meat out with a spoon and eat it. The third is by far the best. Save the coconut water and use it to make an awesome fermented beverage called toddy!

There is only one known use for old coconut. Using a rasp, scrape the insides out and extract the milk using warm water and a cheesecloth. Most restaurants in the United States use canned coconut cream. This is by far the most stable and consistent product if one is unsure of the correct consistency of coconut milk.

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I'm glad you liked the video. And of course, I will never part with the magazine!!


Thanks, that's great information.

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