Coconut Milk problems

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I've tried making this marinade with coconut milk a few times now and it keeps breaking during mixing but I never had this issue when I first started making it.  I'm thinking maybe I used to whisk it where as now I do it in a food processor and that it's causing the cream to foam?  Does coconut milk foam?


Garlic, ginger, chile, fish sauce, juice and rind of a lime, splash of light soy sauce, tbsp of sugar, 1 cup chopped cilantro and 12 oz can of coconut milk.

The first time I ever made it worked fine.  Now years later its breaking or curdling.  Does anyone know why?


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Yep when you create enough heat it breaks.

You should have seen the first time I thought I was such a hot shot and put foie gars in a food processor.   Almost got killed.
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So slow the speed...maybe add a little riceflour, like beating eggs into a cake batter...

You gotta try kaffir lime (fruit or leaves...dusted) with this one...fragrant!

Maybe lemongrass?
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Yeah that'll be good, hard to find kaffir lime leaves around here but definitely can do lemongrass.  Thanks for clearing this up guys.

P.S.  Foie in the processor ? lol
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There is a difference between cans of coconut milk. There are the creamy ones and the ones that have the solid mass on top and the whey below and you'd use them differently

Id be inclined to do all your whisking and processing THEN adding the coconut milk (creamy)

heat will cause the milk to separate. Thats why the canned solid stuff is so good. You can actually fry your Thai spices in the solid once its up to temp. Maybe the processing is building up the temp and thats why its splitting

I put milk solids in the wok and fire it up. Then add anything i want cooked at a high temp Shallots, garlic etc.

Grated lime zest will do at a pinch for kaffir lime leaves. I know you can get anything online now, but please resist the temptation to go for dried leaves or ground. Its very dissapointing. If you cant buy Thai basil which is sublime, dont substitute. You can buy seeds to grow you own online and freeze the plants. They look awful when they defrost, but still retain a lot of the flavour

Kuan I've got to know what you were making with the processed Foi gras. Do tell hot shot
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