coconut, lychee, galanga the recipe

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    all boiron = le verger boiron

    lychee meringue:
    150 gr lychee boiron, 45 gr sugar , 13 gr albumina

    incorporate the albumina into the sugar,
    then mix this into the lychee boiron,
    beat them in a kenwood to a meringue
    pipe on a silpad and let them dry in a drying tower

    coconut lychee espuma

    300gr coconut boiron, 300gr lycheeboiron, 100gr batida de coco, 300gr heavy cream, 3 gelatine leaves

    take 100 gr of cream, heat it, incorporate the bloomed gelatine. pour back into the the 200 cream
    mix everything together

    oriental snow

    neutral oil, lemongrass, ginger, lime leaves, vanille

    chop the lemongrass and ginger very fine,
    take the vanille, split it, scrape out the seeds
    take the vanille bean and scrapes, ginger, lemongras, lime leaves and cover them with a good amount of oil. let it cook one time and infuse overnight, sift through a chinois fine, keep the oil

    put maltodextrine in a blender, gradually pour in the oil until the texture starts to thicken

    coconut crisp

    400gr thick coconut cream, 100gr maltodextrine, 50 gr glucose, 75gr sugar

    heat 100 gr of the cream with the glucose and sugar,
    pour back into the rest of the cream
    incorporate the maltodextrine into the cream, smear it on a silpad and let it dry overnight

    maltodextrine weighs nothing, so if you take 100 gr of it it seems like 4 times the amount of the 400 gr of coconut cream. DONT WORRY , IT WILL INCORPORATE!

    coconut lychee praline/sphere

    250 gr lychee boiron, 250gr coconut boiron, 100gr batida de coco, 100 gr of egg yolks, 100 gr vanille sugar, scrapes of 1 vanille bean, 3 bloomed gelatine sheets

    put everything except the gelatine in a thermomix with the butterfly attachment.
    10 minutes, 80°c, 4 on the variable speed controle
    15 sec before the end you incorporate the gelatine
    let it cooldown enough before you pour it into sphere moulds so the vanille seeds will be equally spread throughout the spheres when you freeze them

    when they are frozen solid, unmould them and keep sealed in the freezer.

    melt enough white chocolate in a bowl so you can submerge
    a frozen sphere and recover him with a fork, lifting up from under it.
    it wil now be enrobed with chocolate
    tap the fork with sphere on the edge of the bowl so exces chocolate flows back with the rest
    slide the sphere on a silpad and let it defrost in the fridge.

    galanga creme

    200gr coconut milk, 50gr lychee boiron, 100gr heavycream, 100 gr of vanille sugar,
    2 sprigs of coriander, 3 lime leaves, juice and zeste of 1 lime, 2 pieces of lemongras-chopped,
    1 galanga root-chopped, little bit of ginger, half of 1 green pepper-no seeds,
    2 vanille beans scraped

    combine all and bring to a boil, let it infuse in the fridge overnight.
    sift and keep the liquid, bring this to a boil with 2.5 gr agar agar and 2 gr of kappa.
    let it boil for 1 minute. refrigerated until completely cold and solid then blend for 5 minutes.
    put in piping bag and keep in fridge

    coconut sorbet

    5000gr coconut boiron,200 coconut cream 200gr batida de coco, 100gr lychee boiron, 70 gr procrema, 50 glucose

    melt glucose with lychee boiron, combine everything,mix, freeze and use pacojet to make sorbet

    coconut chiboust

    5 bloomed gelatine sheets 100 gr egg whites, 100gr sugar, 220gr heavy cream, 500gr coconut boiron 100gr batida de coco, 100gr lychee boiron

    heat lychee boiron with bloomed gelatine
    combine mixture with batida and coconut boiron
    refrigerate until the mass starts to thicken a little bit.
    beat heavy cream 3/4 and fold into previous( not at once but in 3 times)
    make meringue with egg whites and sugar. fold into previous
    mold and freeze, demold and defrost