Cocoa vs. Cacao

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Hi everyone, I'm new here and have a pretty basic question about which to use it a cake recipe I'll be trying soon. The recipe calls for baking cocoa (dutch process or dark cocoa)…ok, no problem. However, I have a huge bag of cacao powder that a friend recently sent me (along with a bevy of other all natural "super foods"). What would be the difference (if any) in the cake if I were to use the cacao powder instead of the baking cocoa, which the recipe calls for? Would it affect the taste, consistency, appearance, anything? TIA!  
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No difference between Cacao and cocoa, but there is a big difference between "Dutched"cocoa and plain/regular/untreated cocoa.

Dutched cocoa is treated with alkali, which will form a gas when combined with baking soda. So pay attention to recipies that call for dutched cocoa and use plain old baking soda as a leavener.
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Dutched cocoa is processed, never mind, I just saw Foodpumps post. If you were to use Dutched you only can use baking powder. You can't use Dutched when baking soda is in the formula.
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