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Hey all!
I had a question regarding cocoa powder. I made chocolate cupcakes today and although they were light and fluffy and had a lot of cocoa powder they did not taste like chocolate. Is there a brand of cocoa powder you like? (I used Frys). Is it best to use unsweetened powder? Or is there something else interfering with the cocoa so it cuts the taste down (ie: type of shortening etc).

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Baking exclusively for my family these days and am working my way thru a HUGE box of Valrhona (thank you Santa lol) with good results.
Altho nothing wrong with Hershey's as a pantry staple for everyday use.
Fat is an important consideration as it carries flavors (I prefer butter) but your fix may be as simple as adding a pinch or two of salt or more vanilla.
Recipes ask for unsweetened cocoa powder as it is much easier to write a recipe that will work every time if everyone is starting at the same point (zero % added sweetener).
Seeing the recipe would be helpful.
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Does the recipe call for “blooming” the cocoa powder in hot water or coffee? That helps to wake it up.

There are ways to bring out chocolate flavor too. Add instant coffee or extract or replace the water with coffee. Add a little more salt. Up the vanilla a bit.
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