Cocoa Powder Recommendations

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Can anyone please tell me which cocoa powder they prefer between the following:

Valrhona, Callebaut and Scharffen Berger

The best price I could fine on-line is but if there's another reasonably priced on-line source, please could you post it. Thank you.
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Although I've never had the cocoa powders from these companies I have had quite a bit of the Callebaut and Scharfenberger chocolate.

Scharfenberger chocolate has the best sheen/temper but when it comes to flavor, I find it too strong/acidic/tangy. Callebaut dark chocolate is my favorite dark chocolate on the planet. Callebaut also makes the only white chocolate I will eat. For me, the best analogy for the two chocolates is to compare them to coffee beans. Scharfenberger is like a Robusta while Callebaut is like an Arabica. And, for whatever it's worth, Valhrona get's a lot of mention on the food network.

As far as the best price is concerned, you might be able to get these products at Whole Foods - not at a great price but without the shipping charges.
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wish i could say, yes that one or this one but you should try a bunch.
there are dark cocoa powders that look like ash and some so light they look cut with powder sugar,
then there are the reds........
I use Cocoa Noel for basic needs and Cocoa Barry for truffles and a newer product powder chocolate. mmmmmmmmm... chocolate.............
have fun.

the best white chocolate I have found is El Rey.
mmmmmmmm.... chocolate...........

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