Cocoa: Dutch processed Or Not?

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Isa, thanks for the link to this interesting article. I recently discovered Trader Joe carries Van Houten which I prefer to the ubiquitous Droste.
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has anyone ever tried of or worked with Schokinag- it's a brand from Germany- this new ultra gourmet store in our area carries it- i havent tried it yet
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Isa, I don't dislike Droste, but when I make hot chocolate, I prefer the more robust flavor of the VH or even Ghiradello. They seem more chocolate-y to me and stand up to the milk better.
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I just used up the last of an 11 lb tub of Schokinag cocoa powder today. I liked it. It was very dark and made great cocoa brownies. I read that article and got like really confused. I'm gonna pretend it's not there. We got the Schokinag from Sysco, and I had the chef order cocoa powder yesterday, but I was so busy today I don't know what came in.


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I understand what you mean Alexia.

Anyone ever tried Barry cocoa?
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I've never used it for anything else, but I imagine it would replace the cocoa in anything that you'd like darker. You've got my imagination going now...:chef:
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Thanks Bighat for your recommendation. I feel so much better knowing that. I ordered 1 lb of Schokinag last week without knowing if it was good or not. I thought if it's from Germany it has to be good :D
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Natural Cocoa, I researched several types
alkali-free Scharffen Berger had a good chocolate aftertaste

you can taste its fine flavor right out of the tin

This chocorange cake mixes the flavors of orange marmalde, ganache and sponge cake together. But the first thing that hits your tongue is the cocoa thats applied to the top surface.

Yummy:chef: Blair
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