Cocktail Sauce "JELLING"

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I've been catering for over 30 yrs. and just stumbled across this website while looking for--of all things, comfy shoes.  Here is my questions. Over the past few yrs when I make my cocktail sauce, which basically consist of ketchup(Heinz only), Lee & Perrin, Tabasco, prepared horseradish and Realemon, after a day or so it begins to jell.  Tried leaving out the lemon juice and got the same results.  Then I tried a bottled version and it lasted for a "ridiculous" amount of time but not as tasty as my own.  What reaction could be taking place to cause this?  Does not effect the taste, but who is going to want to eat lumpy/jellied cocktail sauce?  Thanks in advance for your replies.  

Steve A. Dagro

Owner, Steve's Custom Catering

Independence, LA 
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