Coating chocolate

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I am in the process of making some of my late Great Aunt's peanut butter balls, which I used to have every Christmas as a young child.  Her recipe calls for dipping the chilled peanut butter centers in coating chocolate.  I've used store bought coating chocolate the past (chocolate covered strawberries, etc.) and always found it difficult to work with as it was always too thick.  Basically, there was no way that I could simply dip the strawberry in and pull it out.  I always have had to put it in and push it around to get covered.  Yesterday, I found a recipe from Hershey that involved 12oz of chocolate chips and 2tbsp + 2 tsp of Crisco.  I noticed the same thing - the coating chocolate, even when melting, was very thick.  I had to toss the peanut butter centers in and roll them around to get coating.  The final product tasting fine and the texture was fine, but they certainly didn't look pretty and it was labor intensive having to rolling each around in the chocolate (I also feel as if I wasted a lot of chocolate since it was thick).  So, my question is this: How do I get a coating chocolate that is thin enough to be able to dip my centers in, instead of having to toss them in and roll them around? The current product is simply too thick. In fact, if the center wasn't so stable, it would fall apart in the mixture. Thanks in advance, and sorry if the formatting is off. I'm unable to see or place the cursor as I'm typing this. Not sure if it is the forum, or Firefox 4.
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