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I work sauté at an upscale concept, our volume is high and fast paced. I work solely by call (i dont get tickets) our grill cook does recive the white copy. So here is the issue, the grill girl is ridiculously moody and lives for conflict and drama. If her tif happens to be with you then pardon my language your ******. She refuses to follow up expos calls, freaks out if you envade her space to read the tickets. Shes incredibly rude, so adamant about having things done her way precisly it literally causes screaming matches. Shes very derogatory with no regard for others. She is vindictive to the point of aggression. And it literally never stops. Our chef allows this behavior because he lacks the fortitude to put her in her place. I have tried to be polite, set boundaries handle it as professionally possible, However I have had enough. Her newest tactic is to not mention dishes with substitutions/special prep or mods until its time to sell and im dragging items. Constant criticism of my technique and preformance going as far as replating feature dishes to her liking. Then attempts to "scold" me for my "poor preformance". I am by no means green nor do my technique or preformance lack. The constant conflict, drama and bully tactics must halt. My solutuons to remedy the situation have failed. My frustration is to the point of anger, althoughmy fuse is very long my temper is explosive to the point of violence. Any suggestions on how to squah the situation before I lose my crap and end up with a felony charge would be greatly appreciated..

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Take it to the chef if you haven't; if he won't/hasn't do/done anything, take it to his boss. I'd hazard a guess that the chef full well knows what's up, as you said. If you have to go over his/her head, prepare to move on to another job. I don't know what value there is in this position for you given the work environment. 
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I would agree with Greg here. Have a one on one with your chef to fully explain the situation. I would recommend sitting down with this coworker with your chef present as well. I would bet the last thing your chef wants is too loose one or both of you. Good luck!

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