CNNs New Speil: What you eat at Restaurants Can Kill You.

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Oh well, just when you thought they were gonna leave us alone. BAM! Blindsided with a two by four.

They are talking about stuff that "we" put in the food that can kill you. Its airing on Monday 7am. I'll probably watch even if only out of morbid curiosity. Didn't know I was putting anything but food and spices in the meals.

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Every year, without fail, some news team takes a camera to a restaurant and probably at the end of the day, films the filth. This is CNN's version of the "restaurant horror story."
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Finally got more info. This is supposed to be a spin off from those people who did a calorie count. Its about all the fat and grease in restaurant foods that can eventually lead to disease and death. :rolleyes: I guess they have nothing better to do and need the sensationalism to boost ratings.
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I hope they show the worst offenders -- the fast "food" joints that are so popular! Maybe if more people see how bad that stuff can be for them, they'll start to think about it?? :rolleyes: :eek: And then, maybe... nah, that's too much to hope for. :(
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Nah Suzanne,

From the clip I saw.....very fancy plate I might add....its "restaurant" restaurant. And if the cheese fries are any clue....a diner or two may be thrown in.
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When I see something frustrating and unfair on TV I think what Andy Warhol have said " This guy ,has just spend his 6 min of publicity he deserves in life time on making ridiculou accusations"

What was about ????:D
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