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    Going to be making dinner braised short ribs, mashed potatoes and side to be named later (see my post in the Food & Cooking Questions and Discussion section) I would like to add a nice red wine to the meal but really not knowledgeable when it comes to pairing wines and dishes. Does anybody have suggestions? Would a cabernet sauvignon be acceptable?  

    I was also thinking of adding some of the wine into the cooking of the short ribs so my additional questions are: 1) Is this okay to do? 2) Is it still okay to serve that same wine with dinner or would a completely different type be needed for the meal? 
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    There are numerous red wines that would be lovely with beef short ribs ...

    I would select an oak aged crianza, medium bodied from one of the following:

    1) Protos - Valladolid, Spain

    2) Muga - La Rioja, Spain

    3) 100% Malbec  Grape Mono Varietal - Argentina

    4) Piemonte Italian Red

    5) Marqués de Cáceres - La Rioja

    6) Ysios - Rioja Alavesa - Spain

    *** I suggest that you go over to your best wine shop in your vicinity and see when they have tastings, and speak to the Manager or Owner of the shop ... Perhaps they can recommend a wonderful Argentinian or Chilean Malbec ... or a wonderful Spanish or Italian wine.

    If you wish to stay local USA, I would recommend a Washington State oak aged Red or a Sangre de Toro made either in Sonoma or Chile, by Miguel Torres Wineries. It is a truly good wine for this type of meat dish.


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