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I operate an open to the public Golf club in a gated community.(most of which are Brits.)

Having a heck of a time getting them in for dinner.I have thought of a Steak night , Burger & Beer Night, Prime Rib night. I know they love the food. I Need Help !

Any thoughts for other inexpensive Specials.

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How about a sushi special, a super salad night, and/or a vegan experience? Perhaps your clientele isn't as stodgy as you imagine? Mix it up a little. Also, what do you imagine to be the average age of your potential patrons? The answer to that will probably weigh heavily on what you decide to try next, don't you think?
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OK. Try this idea. Send out a postcard explaining that since business is too slow to continue regular dinner service, you'll be opening up for "Open-Mike Comedy Night" on Tuesdays and as a "Gentleman's Club" on Thursdays to improve profitability. Offer free first-round drinks or apps to parties of 6 or more. 
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Thanks for the ideas.Unfortunately I am working with a staff that is not as passionate as I. I shall reach out for assistance.
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Just to add....

maybe serve wings, 4-6 flavors

Do you serve brunch ?

Drink specials

Themed Nights

International themed meals

Appetizer night

Guiness Beer Batter Fish fry

Have the wives join later by making meals more "light". Woman love to dance, good music always attracts people to food. There are 3 golf courses not far from where I live and a good steak or roast beef is always served. Try something like "Steak Frites".

Get an event coordinator to draw them in...

Have you read any of the golf forums that discuss this ?
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Why  aren't they coming in for dinner?  Pricing? Service? Length of car drive coupled with low or zero toleranace blood/alcohol levels?

Most of the clubs I've worked in had a manated minimum amount that members had to spend, whether it was F&B, golf stuff, or whatever.  "if you don't use it, you loose it" was the operating theme.
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We live in a large golf community. !0 yrs. ago the club was like the center of activities. We also have a pro Tennis facility.

It now seems like the youngsters are running all the time with their kids. Most activities seemed rushed. I'll walk over for a drink sometimes.

I talk to management and they are experiencing the same thing. I was schocked to hear the main dining room was not open on weekdays

and the Sunday Brunch is doing 100+ people.

This management took over about 4 yrs. ago. They have done a wonderful job maintaining 3 courses and attracting international tennis stars for

matches and such.

Their general manager now handles the Food and Beverage. I argue with him all the time about bringing back the food scene. He tells me people don't

really participate in anything that's not convenient and fast.

  So, after thinking some about this I am going to propose that: because he tells me that everyone loves the food and it's great.

Take a bunch of golf carts. Wrap them in the plastic advertizing as FOOD TAXI's. Strap some warmers on board. Flood the area with menues

of upscale and family menues. I'm going to bet there are pizza cars running in the area.

good luck

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