closed-view kitchen vs open-view kitchen

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how many of you work in restaurants where the tables can see inside the kitchen.  I've only worked in a closed-view kitchen but I may start working in a fine dining restaurant where the tables can see almost the entire kitchen.  I never thought about it before but I just realized how much more careful I'm going to have to be now that everyone can see my every move.  At least I won't have to worry about other dudes slapping my ass and doing other stupid stuff constantly.
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I've worked mostly in open kitchens and yes you do have to behave yourself a little more for sure.  It's amazing how fascinated people are watching us work... we were lined up all day on Sunday and some of them really enjoyed watching us do our thing.  I really have to watch my language as my station is one of the closer ones to the door and while I try and say "for crying out loud"  or "seriously???" when I have eggs break the frustration does get to me sometimes and "for f's sakes" does leak out now and then.. hopefully not too loud though! 
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I love a closed kitchen. There is nothing worse than being distracted at the dining room table by what is going on in the kitchen. I clean as we go but since I either plate or platter everything before it goes out there still are dishes waiting to be done. I love having people in my kitchen with me. Most of my friends like to cook as well, so we share the time. I get one chopping, one plating and one pouring and we all love it.


- William Hayden
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