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    So I am moving to the oven station at my restaurant and recently purchased a cleaver a Berghoff forged 6.5 inch blade, It feels very nice and is very sharp. Just had a few questions I know cleavers can be used for almost anything in the kitchen, but how do I go about maintaining its sharpness do i sharpen it on the same stone as I do my chefs knife which is a 1000/6000 grit stone or as often as my chefs knife which is about every 5 days?
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    There are cleavers and then there are cleavers.  A light, Chinese chef's knife and a heavy duty "meat cleaver" may look similar in pictures but they are not otherwise much alike.  Your cleaver is of the type meant for splitting chickens, not making hair-thin slivers of ginger -- which I gather you already know.

    But just like cleavers in general, there are meat cleavers and there are meat cleavers.  A Burghoff cleaver is of the type which sucks.

    Burghoff knives are made from X30Cr13 which is about as junky as knife steel gets.  They don't sharpen well enough to be worth spending much time or effort on the process.   Don't bother with your water stones, use a cheap, carbide sharpener like the AccuSharp -- but don't use the AccuSharp, or anything like it, on a knife you want to keep.  Carbide sharpeners eat knives.

    If you value a sharp, fine edge, replace your Burghoff with something else.  If you can live with carbon, a 10" Ontario "Old Hickory" will split your chickens and lobsters like nobody's business, and costs nearly nothing.

    Sorry to be so blunt,

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    my toosense.  agree completely.  If you are doing heavy duty chopping and splitting, nothing beats a carbon steel "old Hickory."  I have been using my 8" for 16years now, a couple passes on a fine stone and it will shave hair.