Cleaning with large container of Bleach

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Hi guys, I'm a bit of a lurker and have got tons of excellent tips from these forums and now making my first post :)

This is a bit off topic but hoping a few in the restaurant trade might have experience with it...

We recently purchased a large 5L container of thick bleach for cleaning the toilet in our bathroom and a few other uses. Problem is, we're not sure how to properly get it from the container and use it for cleaning. We're used to the squirty toilet duck style bleach bottles for squirting into the toilet, so not sure where to start with this big container.

We bought a 5L container pump which didn't fit so I asked the manufacturer what to use and their reply shocked me... "If you aren't comfortable lifting the 5L container above the toilet, tip it into a smaller container first before tipping into the toilet." -?!? Surely not?

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This may help.  For cleaning bathrooms I would use 1/4 to 1/2 cup bleach per gallon of water.  Put it in a LABELED spray bottle and go.
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Go down to the dollar store and get a large funnel, use this to fill up your toilet ducks or any other container you want to fill.  Keep the funnel stored upside down on top of the bleach jug.

I remember "communicating" with chemical companies in Singapore in the late 90's.  One company specialized in dishwashing stuff and related cleaning chemicals.  Their labels would only state the market name of the stuff and what it was idea for, no mention of dilution rate, or if it was caustic, etc.  They claimed it would be too expensive to change the labels, I asked if they ever had lawsuits.  They complained about "my attitude"  all the way up to the G.M......

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