Cleaning Stove Tops

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So I have a Vulcan range/oven combination - the stove tops always get extremely greasy from flipping eggs and making omelettes, as do the bottom of my egg pans.  Now I know I can buy some over priced cleaner from US Foods or the like... but I generally just use some ammonia and a lot of elbow grease.  I'm a small operation so I'm stuck cleaning the things myself, wish I could afford to pay someone.  It always takes me a good half hour to hour of scrubbing.  Anyone have any advice, tricks, or tips on how to get the job done faster?
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I think most dollar stores sell oven cleaners that should work.

Short of that, many degreasers are cheaper then you'd think.

I really like using a carbon remover on pans. I think it increases their lifespan, because scouring takes off metal.

Propane fired high pressure water sprayers are awesome! If you buy one, you could make extra money hiring it out.
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The SS is somewhat pourous. I require that all our SS gets polished. It creates a layer between the surface and dirt. You can get away with 2-3 wipedowns before you have to spend time and energy.
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