Cleaning some Smokers

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I recently "inhereted" a couple of smokers. They have been left outside for a while and in harsh conditions, never cleaned, but the structure of them is still good. Im wondering what is the best way to start to clean these and get them back to operational status is. Since they have never been cleaned, they are pretty nasty. Im not sure is a good dip in heavy duty grease cutter would be a safe option.
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What type of smokers? What is the fuel source, style and material? What do they look like on the inside? A lot of times people will let the "seasoning" build up on the inside and never do anything with it and just use them as normal. Some people believe this "crust" adds flavor and helps maintain smoke inside.
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I would probably use something like oven cleaner and then season them again.
@seoulfood : some of the seasoning is there to prevent air leakages, not for flavour. At least that's my excuse (the WSM will generally leak initially, making it difficult to maintain temperature. It's all sorted after 3-4 cooks or so)
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Some pictures would be nice. It might be that the cooking grates just need a little scrubbing, leftover ashes need chipping out of the firebox. Hard to say what sort of measures are needed here.


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