Cleaning All-Clad Stainless Steel

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Hi...I just bought my first few pieces of All-Clad stainless, and after using my fry pan once (for browning chicken and sauteeing veggies), I was left with nasty brown spotty stains. I've tried in vain to remove them, and I know steel wool is a big no-no on All-Clad. So what can I do?

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There's a product called Barkeeper's Friend that's supposed to work really well.

But you know what? AC can take a light scrub with steel wool if that's what it needs. Think about it: if it can stand relatively high heat and lots of use without warping or coming apart, a little abrasion to the surface is not going to harm it drastically.

We've had lots of discussions here of the care and feeding of AllClad; you might want to do a search using "All Clad" and AllClad" and you'll find lots of advice and experience. That's what we're here for -- to share! :D
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Little Gem:

Virtually all my cookware is All Clad and I just go ahead and use brillo on the inside.

I sauteed a thick steak in my all clad skillet that I finished in the oven. Good Lord, you should have seen the spots when I took it out. I had no choice but to use steel wool.

I guess one alternative would be to soak it overnight and then use one of those sponges with the abrasive side. But I'm sure that will take much more elbow grease than the brillo.

I have heard you're not supposed to use steel wool on All Clad. I can see it might scratch the outside but what's the problem with using it on the inside????

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I bought a tub of Barkeepers Friend at the weekend, specfically to use on my All Clad. It was the burned on black stuff on the outside I was most concerned with (purely aesthetic.)
I always figured it was the mirror like finish on the inside that gave AC its easy clean up quality and any scouring agent would reduce that ability.
I didn't use it yet so I don't know how well it works. Ill report back in a few days when I have tried it.

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Barkeepers Friend is WONDERFUL! Never used it on the inside of a pan, but it makes the outside shiny and clean without scratching. Does wonders for porcelain sinks too!
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In my experience, an SOS pad works fine for this on occassion - I just make sure to get it really wet, and use only the minimum necessary pressure.

Too much praise for BF - I've gotta get some of this!
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I put my All Clad stainless in the dishwasher and for the most part it cleans up great. If anything is left Barkeeper's Friend is a must. Works like a charm. Deb
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Steel Wool Just another note on the steel wool, take a look at the fifth one
from the All-Clad site.
Another poster also had a good point. Anything that will scratch the surface
of the cooking surface will cause food to stick.
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We have a number of pieces of cookware called Magnalite Professional Stainless- made just like All Clad, but with copper in the middle of the stainless sandwich instead of aluminium.

Great stuff- but they quit making it several years ago.

Their instructions for removing the baked-on varnish that discolors the pan when the heat has been too high is to put a tablespoon of dishwasher detergent in about 1/4 inch of water in the pan and let it simmer - not too hot - for a few minutes.

TURN ON YOUR EXHAUST BLOWER- boiling dishwasher detergent is not the most fragrant thing you can have in your house!

It has worked for me every time I have gotten carried away with too much heat. You don't have to use heavy abrasives.

No reason it won't work with All Clad or any other stainless pots.

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It's in some grocery stores where they keep the kitchen cleanser (Comet-type stuff) and also in hardware stores.
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Check in your phone book under the yellow pages if you're in the states for Restaurant Supply places. They are usually open to the public and can be an excellent for resource for cost effective, quality kitchen equipment, especially for those in smaller towns.
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I found Barkeeper's Friend at Wal-mart! It could scarcely be more convenient!
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Hey All! I just found this site, and I'm surprised at all the glowing reviews of Bar Keeper's Friend. I bought some in liquid form and haven't found it to be effective. Any thoughts? Are you all using the powder stuff?

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I've never used it on cookware, but I have used Nevr-Dull extensively on other things. I would advise against using it on cookware: it is quite abrasive, albeit fairly fine-grit. What's more, the solvent is both amazingly flammable and designed to leave a very slight film on the polished surface (making polishing necessary less often). I would be concerned that you would scratch your cookware and then light it on fire, which doesn't seem desirable.

Could be sort of fun, though, in a weird way. :bounce:
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