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My work has supplied 9(yes 9) white jackets to wear. I can't get them clean enough for my own standards let alone the boss. They have name and position embroidered into them.  I have tried dish liquid, detergent, vinigar, whiteners etc. I live and work in Australia, so the products are different to the states. (I even tried toothpaste in desperation and madness).  Sent them to the dry cleaners and they came back dirtier. (Thank God I took pics before). They ad to be sent away 2 more times before they came back OK not great. Types of stains, everything including a bit of grease from the  truck deliveries.  I work in one of the Gas pipeline camps, so we have the fun of emptying the truck on delivery day.Any Ideas would be appreciated.  
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Would Love to have Black. But, No the big bosses say White is looks better. Will have to buy new ones.  
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Other good advice then is to take off your coat when unloading and doing deep cleaning. I buy expensive coats generally and that in itself is a pretty good motivator to work super clean, and be extra aware of my surroundings (like those pesky grills/pot bottoms/ pizza oven/ dish pit etc. kinda boobytraps).

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