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Hum, I haven't ever heard a tart labeled "regular". So I'm having a hard time following your question. But the differences in tarts usually is in the dough or if it has been baked in a tart pan or with-out one.

If you could restate your question with more detail I'll do my best to help you.

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I take it you mean a regular pie crust vs. tart!

A tart dough is closer to a cookie-like dough as opposed to a flaky pie crust.

A tart dough is usually on the sweet side and the ingredients include flour, sugar, salt, butter, egg yolk and water.

Tart doughs can also be made with ground nuts.

There's also a classic Alsatian tart dough (unsalted butter, sugar, salt, whole eggs, vanilla extract, grated orange zest and flour)

A regular pie crust includes flour, salt, a fat (either shortening/lard, butter or a combination), and water. An acid can also be added (vinegar, lemon juice...)

Hope this helps.
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Also, don't forget rustic tarts, that use a gallette dough and do not use a pan. (Made similar to a pizza) I made them for quite some time before I even knew what a tart pan was. :)
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I might be stepping out on a limb here but most of the recipes that I have seen labeled as classic usually consist of a crust, as mentioned above a sweet dough such as pate brisse, pastry cream & fruit covered by a glaze such as melted apricot jam. Most of the recipes also include a layer of frangipane (almond cream) baked with the tart shell.

It's really funny as I would guess that this is fairly modern compare to the rustic tarts or the savory tarts which have been, as said above, around a long time.

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The term "Classic" refers to a type of tart that everyone recognizes as an old time/world treat. A style or recipe that has endured for generations, usually more simple and simple ingrediants made in a very traditional style, baked in a traditional style of pan.

For example:

A "Classic Lemon Tart" would have a traditional filling of lemon curd, a pastry crust, baked in a fluted tart pan. A "Orange-Mango Tart with a Rustic (free formed) Lemon Thyme Scented Crust." Orange and mango is not a common combination, herbs in a crust is not usual, and this recipe does not use a tart pan, the crust is formed on a baking sheet and folded over the fruit.

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