Classic Beef Keftedes ... Greek Meatballs

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    500G Ground Sirlion Beef or 250g Sirlion and 250g ground Pork

    1 large onion minced

    1 large grated red tomato

    dried Greek mint herb 2 tblsps

    Ground blk pepper

    salt to taste

    Plain breadcrumbs 60g

    170g all purpose flour

    Greek olive oil extra virgin

    Greek oregano ... a pinch or 2 ...

    Garlic optional

    100ml whole Milk ... do not use fat free or low fat ...  

    1. in mixing bowl, combine the ground beef and onion. Then add the tomato, salt and pepper and mint herb. Knead for 5 minutes until all the flavours are combined.

    2. Pour in the milk and continue kneading until all the liquid is absorbed

    3. If the meatballs are too loose, add more breadcrumbs and refrigerate until firm two hours

    To form the meat balls

    1. season with flour and salt and pepper ... then, spread out on large platter or cutting board made of wood ... Take a spoonful at a time of the mixture and form into balls of 1 inch each or 2.5cm.

    2. Roll in flour and shake off excess ... Place the dredged meatballs and put on clean platter. Continue with remaining mixture and saute in olive oil.

    3. Drain on paper towelling and serve with warm Pita or Baguette.

    4. La Rioja Red, Greek Reds from Pelopponse or Italian Reds from Tuscany or Bologna work well.