Citrus Salt Recipe Needed

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Im in need of a realy good citrus salt recipe. Im working in a
restuarant that buys the bottles of this stuff..would like to make
it. (Some peaple take the stuff home..the Chef freaks out) I have
limes/oranges etc from my home.I really appreciate the help/info. :)



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It's not something you can make at home (if what you describe is what I'm thinking of). Sour salt is another name for what I'm thinking of. It contains no sodium and is not salt in the NaCl kind of way; it is salt in the chemical sense of an ionic bond between two particular classes of compounds/elements (not really accurate description noted). is a good explanation. About 1/2 way down, there is a discussion of sour salt as a form of citric acid.

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Hmmm...I heard that its something like..part kosher salt to part citrus rind.
Was wondering if it had something else in it.(.the homemade kind.) It was
kept in a small bottle or container in the freg till ready to use within a week
or so. I think I got that somewhat right. Had recipe simular to that when I
was in school. Cant find it now. :cry:

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