cinnamon rolls and muffins

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I'm not a baker at all. I was wondering if I made cinnamon rolls from scratch would i be able to let them rise in the fridge overnight? Also, can hey be frozen after they proof or should I partially bake them than freeze them?

As for the muffin question how do the bakeries get such gigantic muffins? Do they overfill the cups and put the muffins in a high heated oven?

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Yes you can use the fridge to proof your rolls overnite. Be sure to cover lightly with a damp towel as the air is very dry in there and will suck the moisture from the dough, leaving a cracked surface. Figure in time in the AM to bring rolls back from semi hibernation before baking. You could start the baking at a fairly low temp until dough wakes up and starts to rise again then up the temp to finish baking. If done this way keep a close eye on things...but no opening the door to peek! 
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