Cinnamon in beef stew?

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In Polish/Hungarian goulash, allspice is fairly common (and somewhat similar to cinnamon). I personally prefer to use allspice or cloves to round out savory dishes.
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Anyone use cinnamon in their beef stew? I have never tried doing this; the piece of chuck I just bought came trussed with some herbs, and cinnamon. And that made me think a few cinnamon sticks might be a good addition.

The cinnamon to use is "mexican" aka Ceylon cinnamon and just a tiny pinch to give it that je ne sais quoi. Saigon cinnamon is too strong and sharply flavored.
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Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and red wine are main flavorings in the much loved Cudighi Sausage, created in Ishpeming MI, In the U.P. It's listed as a must try in any food recommendations for Michigan's U.P. Cinnamon works well with many meats, including beef.

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Cinnamon is a standard ingredient in mole poblano, which is (in my opinion) why it works so well along with unsweetened cocoa in chili. Personally, I hate the combination of cinnamon with sugar, but I love a hint of cinnamon in almost anything spicy and deeply savory.
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There are countless recipes for beef and lamb that include heavy spice. All over the world.
I remember for my school days that using heavy spices masked the flavor of some of the meat that was used. Mutton, camel, cow,


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Very common to use cinnamon in Greek dishes. It actually goes very well with braised beef and tomato sauce.
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