Cinnamon in beef stew?

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Anyone use cinnamon in their beef stew? I have never tried doing this; the piece of chuck I just bought came trussed with some herbs, and cinnamon. And that made me think a few cinnamon sticks might be a good addition.

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There is a Portuguese braised/shredded beef dish called Chachula, pronounced casoola, whose unique flavor comes from cinnamon. Goodness but I loved Portuguese festivals just for its sake. Can't believe I never got around to making it.

Even though not asked I just have to say as it came to mind, add stout, nutmeg [and lots of butter!] to a stew, and then stick it inside a butter pie crust sarcophagus of some kind. Decadently fragrant (the butter goes right up your nose!) and delicious beyond words!
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Almost every greek restaurant I worked in had cinnamon in their bolognese/ meat sauce.... Its not that far of a jump to put cinnamon in a beef stew.


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For some discussion.

multiple sticks is probably too much. Cinnamon needs a very light hand imho.
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I put a little in my chili. In a stew it may need some supporting flavors? Wine or tomato? I'm sure there are many cuisines who have their take on beef stew, and I guarantee some contain cinnamon.
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In Moroccan dishes like couscous or tagine you can find the combination of cinnamon and beef and it works very well. However if the roast is already trusted with cinnamon and you add "a few" sticks, that sounds like a LOT of cinnamon, unless your cinnamon is old and tasteless by now. But if it's not too old and still has plenty of taste then one stick for the entire dish (wether in the roast or in the braising liquor) should be more than enough. I usually remove the stick way before the end so it doesn't impart too much cinnamon flavor. I like the flavor to be there but not clearly identifiable either.
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I got the idea for cinnamon in beef stew when I was in Jordan. I can't remember the name of the dish but, instead of beef, lamb was used and it was similar in style and prep as pot roast. It was delicious and I agree 100% with phatch phatch , a little goes a very long way.

I've made the dish a few times with both beef and lamb and literally a small piece of cinnamon in the cooking liquid is all that's needed and by "small piece", I mean about the size of a pinky finger nail. If powdered cinnamon is used, just dust a wooded spoon with it, tap off the excess and stir the liquid with it.
Also, I find that fennel instead of onions with the cinnamon really gives the stew a great depth of flavor.

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As I recall Cincinnati chile, basic American ground beef and beans stuff, uses both cinnamon and chocolate in the recipe.

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I've used a bit of cinnamon (cassia) in meat sauce lasagna.
I've had "cinnamon spiked" lasagna in the past & thought "WTF is that??".
Yeah, it works.
Don't want it all the time, but it does add an interesting flavour.
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That sounds really interesting. Adding cinnamon to most things adds good flavor. I use the viet nam cinnamon on a lot of the cooking that I do. I will need to try this with beef.
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I've made an Indian dish that was essentially beef stew (the Muslims in India enjoy beef) and it included cinnamon. The other ingredient that really pushed it to amazing was actually malt vinegar.
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Alter trying this today, I am going to highly recommend that everyone buy some cin sticks, and add a few to the stew, from the beginning. I absolutely love what it did for the stew, and although it's not going to be for everyone, y'all should give it a try.

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If you liked that.. try this recipe .. it knocks the socks off of anyone I've served it to. This is what I mentioned in my reply. Keep the cilantro on the side. But this is truly a beef stew with real spice and depth. It can be life changing for some :)

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