Ciao from Florence Italy!

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Had this site pointed out to me awhile ago.and somehow got lost!
Glad to have found it again!
I am an American living in Florence for 20 years now..and teach cooking!
Am excited as I was just featured in Town and Country Travel.. mentioned in GQ, in the article about Marcella Hazan... and have been filmed by British TV.

This is my year!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

If anyone is coming this way.. check out my dining guide online and recipes too!!!
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Hello, diva, and welcome to ChefTalk. I spent half a year in Florence in the early 90's, and leaving was not easy!!

Congratulations on all your recent accomplishments. What sort of cooking do you teach there (Tuscan?), and who are your students (American?)?

Please share more. It's sounds like you're enjoying yourself.
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was working at the Stanford Court Hotel in SF.. had studied pastry.. been to FRance a lot.. never to Italy.
Came to Florence in 84-- and loved it!

Started from Scratch.. first learning Italian.. then the Tuscan cuisine. Started teaching in 1988..

Most of my students are American.. but also Swedish, Japanese, Australian.. whoever searches on the net!!!

The thing I love is everyday is a challenge.. rather like iron chef, I plan the days lesson at the market with the students. some come with idea's others are open... and we let the seasons.and vendors help us decide.. not two classes have ever been alike!
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Ciao bella!! I'm so glad you found your way to us. I still remember with fondness our brief visit with you in Florence. I'm so glad your new ventures (and adventures) are panning out so splendidly.

CTers, we're very lucky to have this knowledgeable, vivacious woman among us. Benvenuto, Diva! :bounce:

Warm regards,
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