CIA Napa Alumni?

Discussion in 'Choosing A Culinary School' started by dylansalisbury, Aug 29, 2012.

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    In the past few years I've been searching off and on for a culinary school that is worth the money for the experience.  I understand this is an arbitrary and opinionated request depending on experiences across the board, since the school has people of all ages and with different objectives cared to be reached, but I was mostly curious to hear opinions from any alumni who had attended the CIA associate culinary program in St. Helena, although I would love to hear any experiences with culinary schools in general from students.  

    I myself am twenty-four years old, live in sonoma county nowadays, and have been working in the industry at a fine dining "eclectic californian cuisine" restaurant in the Los Angeles area for eight years, working as a pantry cook, grill cook, sauté cook, was the pastry chef for two and a half years and have some basic training as a saucier.  I have also worked at several different restaurants in different counties and states, but feel that I could grow immensely, furthering myself with a foundational background coming from a culinary school (I've gained mine from only the little experience I've had and from reading various cooking books, cooking at home with my girlfriend).  

    I'd greatly appreciate any input or stories from the culinary school programs as well as any advice.  Thanks a lot!