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Don't hate me, but I close my Catering Department next Friday for two weeks. Being a College we're very quiet once term finishes and the students go home.

2009 has been a very busy year and was non-stop with the exception of Easter Weekend (our other closure time). During the Summer we run a summer school with students from USC in the states and students from the Nihon University in Japan. Every year our International Programmes department gets busier and busier; since 2008 we've shared Summer students with Kings College, Cambridge and students eat at both our serveries (Kings is a 5 minute walk from Pembroke).

When summer school finishes we slide right into the beginning of Michaelmas, our busiest of the three terms. This is the most challenging time as staff are beginning to feel the pressure of non-stop VIP events and morale can drop.

The end of Lent term in June is when our students graduate and the summer program begins, I guess this is our 'Christmas' in terms of business. One group leaves, another arrives and prospective admission students visit at the same time; madness!

Every October a new batch of Freshmen arrive and the cycle begins again.

I hope each of you has had a productive year and will find family time during the holiday season.

Merry Christmas from the UK!

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merry christmas to you Pem......from LO, your old stompin' grounds.......I wish i had your Christmas schedule but I'll get mine soon enough....I'm off dec. 29 and don't return until jan. 19, that should recharge my batteries for another year
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Recharge while you have a time to relax. Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the yuletide season.
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I'm a little bummed by the lack of Christmas spirit on the I'll say it again

:lol:HAPPY NEW YEAR!:lol:
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Seasons Greetings from the Garden of England. I will be working right through to Christmas Day. I will have Boxing Day off and then back in on the Sunday 27th, then off again on 28th and 29th.

I will spend Boxing Day with family, we have a new addition, my first Grandchild, she was born 3 days ago.
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I wish you all everything you wish for, be it merry or peaceful.

Hey Grandpa, Cogratulations, dont work too hard
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