Christmas Traditions

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We've discussed our fantasy Christmas now how do you celebrate Christmas ; what are your Christmas traditions?

No matter where in the world we were living or where we were in jobs or college, we have always gone to Grandma's house in Pennsylvania--almost always a guaranteed white Christmas! This year we are staying in Texas and keeping the B&B open. My newly married sister and her husband are coming out, but we will not be seeing the PA, Boston or VA folks--so we are beginning a new tradition of who knows what...It should be interesting.

Do you go someplace special? Make something reserved for just this occasion? Or do you celebrate in a special way?
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I'm worse than my children, every Christmas morning I get up at 4:30-5am usually before everyone else......still a child at heart.
We stay put. And it rarely snows at Christmas in Mo.....though the first winter we were here it got to -40* wind chill and my then 8 year old came home with a metal bat attached to his tongue.....southern boys don't do well in really cold weather.
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Most of my family is from and lives in Texas. So we all get togehter at someones house, everyone bring something to nibble and munch on and some liquer and wine for the adults to drink and be "Merry". The night we get together is on Christmas Eve; we pick names and trade gifts and we open our presents at 12:00 AM. The Next day we get together again and have a Christmas a house of one of the other family members. We usually have a good time. But for some odd reason I usually have to work....bummer!...we'll see what happens this year!
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its probably a revolting concept for some, but once i spent the day at the beach by myself surfing on christmas day and for some reason, i really enjoyed it.

i'd rather do it every year - the fact that the lead up is generally spent pleasing so many others, solo downtime is very much appreciated - given that my week is such:

mon - post trade college course
tues - breakfast/lunch
weds - breakfast/lunch
thurs - breakfast/lunch or lunch/dinner
fri - breakfast/lunch
sat - breakfast/lunch
sun - breakfast/lunch

need i say more.
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It sounds like a wonderful Christmas tradition. I believe that anything that gets family together to celebrate and have fun is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve this year!
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Potataskorb on Christmas eve. (Dad's Swedish heritage) Paella on New Years eve (Mom's Spanish)
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