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Hello, and felice navidad to all! (I am sure that you now have that song as today's ear worm!)

So what's everyone cooking today?
I have the day off, so cooking for my family!

Entree: old school prawn cocktail
Main: roast chicken with bacon, sage and onion stuffing, potato, sweet potato, carrot and peas with homemade gravy
Dessert: traditional trifle

It's a very throwback menu to the days when my mother and brother were alive, and I thought it would be nice for my lonely and can't cook father to enjoy some memories of older, better days.

Please join in!
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Sounds great! There's something very positive to say about old skool throwback menus!
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I have to work the 24th and 25th so no big meal for me and the family.  Instead we will be doing homemade pizzas.  The wife will make the dough early tomorrow for a nice long rise and will get all the toppings together.  Once I get home, later in the night I will roll out individual crusts so each of us (me, my wife and my daughter) can top our own pizzas and I'll bake them off on our pizza stone.
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Retired not working.

Cooking at home.

Standing rib roast, confit fingerling potatoes in cold pressed green peanut oil, creamed spinich, fresh bread. A bottle of Zifandel.

Chocolate cheesecake.
Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Yeat to all.
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We had our dinner last night, simple but so good. Zatarain's crab boil, garlic, onions, lemon.. Dungeoness crabs, corn, baby gold potatoes and seared sea scallops. Each of us had our own tea cup of butter, that was probably my favorite part
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Ahhh kugel, haven't had a one for years. I grew up in Philadelphia as the token goy boy in our neighborhood and miss it so much. Can't even get a decent bagel in this country.

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