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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by lagom, Dec 14, 2013.

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    Tis the season, for all the sales reps to drop by with christmas cheer. Now keeping in mind i have 3 different restaurants and a large production kitchen for catering a suppling lunch for 900 kids that means i have 34 vendors I buy from in various amounts. Ive been thanking them kindly and then spiltting up the stuff amoung my employees and all the hams are going to a food kitchen (40 kilos so far) and the majority will come by this week, most have sms that asking a good time to stop. So just curious, what is everyone doing with their xmass swag bags? Some actully come with gifts for my kids and wife witch makes me feel a bit odd to say the least. I know Im a big accout to some of these guys because of the volume but I think it can be a bit overboard. Nothing like it can get in the states mind you( I looking at you USfoods) still a lot of stuff when I would prefer just a little bit better pricing year round. Do I sound like an ingrate?