Christmas Eve and Christmas Day... What are you cooking?

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 So what are you planning to cook for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners?

For us on Christmas Eve we are having Italian Wedding soup, pecan crusted chicken breasts, rice pilaf, green beans and a salad.  For dessert if anyone has room we're just going to have ice cream with warm berry sauce.

Christmas Day dinner we are having a feast, with turkey, stuffing, gravy, ham, meatballs, scalloped cauliflower, glazed carrots, some sort of rice dish, mashed potatoes,  salad and homemade bread.  Dessert will be the same as Christmas Eve if anyone has room.  I'm not making lunch on Christmas Day... I'm just going to put out some appetizers and we can graze until dinnertime.    I know it's alot of food but the kids love having the Christmas feast every year.  I'm doing the rice as my mother in law will be here and she can't eat potatoes. (I also hate potatoes and also would prefer rice!)

Boxing day I'm working, but I have the rest of the week off so the turkey carcass is going to go into the freezer and likely on the 27th or 28th I'll roast it for soup.
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For Christmas Eve it will be venison collops, creamed potatoes, roast shallots, carrots and spring greens - served with a redcurrant/sloe gin gravy.

Christmas day is turkey this year (we usually alternate between turkey and goose), with brussel sprouts, par boiled then sauteed in butter with pancetta, glazed carrots, petit pois (the only frozen veg I ever use), bread sauce, sage and onion stuffing, kilted chipolata sausages, roasted potatoes and parsnips, served with a red wine gravy, home made cranberry sauce - and for two family members....  an order of quince jelly (with which they slather every piece of meat served over the Christmas/Hogmanay period, regardless of variety!)

Puddings:  traditional Christmas pudding which has been well-laced with brandy since it was made 4 weeks ago, served with brandy-butter or  home-made custard.  Tipsy Laird (the Scottish equivalent to an English trifle).  And for those who can't face that...   a cheeseboard with grapes, walnuts, celery and home made chutney and oatcakes.

We eat at 2.30 pm.  We do not eat again until lunch onBoxing Day!

Forgot to add:  we won't have starters, because by the time everyone has had their share of the nibbles whilst opening gifts mid-morning, noone has room!
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I'm making a roasted shoulder of lamb, fall-off-the bone style.  Roasted potatoes and a green salad.  Creme caramel for dessert.  I'm still thinking about appetizers and more sides.  Right now I'm leaning towards pigs in blankets because they're easy and likeable and I don't have any time for anything more complicated.  I'm open to suggestions for other side dishes and accompaniments to our meal.  Unfortunately some of my guests are a little older and prefer vegetables to be cooked beyond recognition which is something I can't do. 
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sadly, not much. The in-laws have their own set way of doing things and I got tired of sounding like an ass. I make the gravy now as they love the way I do it. At least they stopped trying to serve me canned ham.

In my own family, it depends if my Mother is going to step foot in the kitchen or not. Preferably not. She is a good cook, but she stands in the middle of the kitchen, does not move, asks why I am doing everything the way I am doing it cause that's not how Grandma (her mom) did it (even though Grandma showed me too) and then complains that it would have tasted better if she had done it.  So I don't cook anymore at the Holiday's at her house. I will be making popcorn.

Hope everyone else is looking forward to their Holiday Meals and has a great Holiday season in general.
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since you're feeding older people, what about a creamed spinach dish, which can be made ahead and reheated, or creamed pearl onions, or some roasted root vegetables...all would be very nice with the lamb...don't take this wrongly, but please try and refrain from the 'pigs in blankets'.....there are easier and more elegant appetizers...even a simple cheese tray...brie, stilton, boursin etc, with strawberries or could also just make a small cheese torte  ahead...layered with basil pesto and sun dried tomato pesto between mascarpone or goat or even cream cheese....or bruschetta... or stuffed mushrooms...everyone loves those!...just seems like you have such a nice dinner going on without the piggys....whatever you do, do it well and enjoy your day, your friends, your family...

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Me, I'm stuck with having to do turkey and ham as that is what everyone around here expects.

Don't even know for how many people yet.

Going to put the turkey on the kettle bbq.

Ham in the oven.

Scalloped potatoes  if I got enough oven space, otherwise chips or mash.

Roast butternut or butternut mash, and green peas (seperate of course)

Undecided about starters, think mushrooms in garlicky white wine sauce with (melba) toast and maybe eggs mimosa.

Would rather do a sheep/lamb on the spit!

Luckily I do like ham, but I'm not a turkey fan!

Koukouvagia, do you have space for 1 more at your christmas table :) ?
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durangojo I don't disagree with you, would love to do something a little bit more elegant.  But as others seem to be experiencing, I do have to keep in mind who I'm feeding.  Older greek people sometimes do not tolerate flavors they are not familiar with.  Sometimes we are caught between making something elegant and creative and it going unappreciated, or just making what's expected of us and making everyone happy.  Now if I had the pleasure of cooking for foodies on this forum rest assured I would not present you with piggies in a blanket lol!
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Beef tenderloin, sweet potato souffle, scalloped potatoes, field green salad with fresh blackberries and local goat cheese, roasted asparagus, green beans with browned butter and lemon zest, homemade rolls.  French apple tart, gingerbread cake with caramel glaze, homemade vanilla bean ice cream
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This year trying a totally different approach... and hoping to satisfy the guests, prinicipally comprising mothers and aunties too old to cook "their traditional" Christmas feasts.

Panzanella salad


Roasted baby potatos: white, yellow, red, and purple

Roasted assortment of (other) root vegetables

Chard two ways: creamed chard leaves and butter-garlic sauced chard stalks

Apple-celery-onion compote

Lots of good wine

Zucotto made with pannetone and cannole cream

Wish me luck... generally holiday feasts must be eiter traditional American New England food, or traditional American Southern food to keep peace in the family.
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We'll be at my wife's sister's house, I'll likely have a hand in doing the turkey. They like to stick with traditional things, but at least after a few years of gentle persuasion no more canned veggies and instant potatoes. I was tempted to make an effort to add roast beef and yorkshire puddings to the menu this year, but we can get by with just turkey and the usual trimmings.

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We're going away for the week after Christmas (back Home Yay!) so no huge plans mealwise.  Probably going to a nearby Thai restaurant for Christmas lunch, maybe banquet style latish lunch, then something simple for dinner.  Not sure what yet. But for hubby dearest, a trifle is mandatory.  Which is great as all the stone fruits are in season here.  Had the best nectarines and peaches yesterday.   Apricots are about to get decent...yum yum.  Tomatoes and cherries are pretty good now so they might make an appearance.

Christmas Eve I would love to make sauerkraut with debrecini sausages. However, I am the only one that likes it so that's out.  Probably a lasagne so I can set it and forget it while I get all the ironing done & cleaning out the fridge.  Usual type of green salad to go with and some baguettes with nice salty real butter.  Then icecream.  Not very adventurous, just got too much to do this year to get away for our first holiday in 5ish years.
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 My inlaws aren't that adventurous when it comes to food too, so I understand how you guys are feeling when it comes to that.  Usually I make scalloped cauliflower for the family potluck dinner but this year I made veggies and dip and the grown grandkids made the meal.  The meal was ok.. a bit (well alot) on the bland side for my taste but whatever.. it was a meal.  They don't like to season their food and they also boil their vegetables until they're nearly mush.  Not my idea of a good time but whatever.  One SIL forgot her salad dressing so on the fly she and I made a vinagarette for it.  One thing I have learned from working in this business is how to improvise when the need arises! 

KKV, I do pigs in blankets for the inlaws too, they're easy to make and everyone likes them.  While I'm not a hotdog fan I don't mind them and I really like weenie wraps (bacon wrapped weiner pieces) now and then.  One year I made a recipe I learned in home ec in grade school.. tangy weiner pick ups... and that went over really well too.  It was chopped wieners in sauce that was made of ketchup and grape jelly. 

My MIL will be here for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and all I have to worry about is that she does not eat beef or anything with trans fat in it.  She's also allergic to seafood so no shrimp coctail..  we can have that at New Year's.  She does eat pork so when I do the meatballs and the tiny ones for the wedding soup I'm going to use a mix of ground chicken and pork as I find ground chicken/turkey meatballs to be very dry.  She is ok with scalloped cauli as now and then she does have a slice of cheese (she loves her gouda)   I suspect one BIL and his wife may show up and that's ok.. I have enough food to feed a small army. 
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In our family it depends on me how much food and different dishes we will have on Christmas. I am not assured that I will have enough time to cook many dishes, because of my work, but as for the Christmas dinner I am planning to cook the various dishes of meat, because meat is adored by all my family. 
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Christmas eve day is prep day so pies, a cake and for supper a Bisquick egg bacon, cheddar, onion pie. I need to cook off 3 pounds of bacon for the 7 layer salad for Christmas day so the egg pie sounded easy. I can just add another pound of bacon. No clue what the whole menu is Christmas day, I am bringing pies, cake, and the 7 layer salad.
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Standing rib -- with all the usuals -- for the two of us for Christmas Eve.  So I've been informed.

On Christmas Day we're going to my DIL's parents' home.  There won't be many people there, eight or ten or so, but there will be food for thousands.  Given no choice in the matter by my daughter in law, the lovely Nicole, weather permitting, I will smoke and schlepp a brisket.  I haven't talked to AJ her mother yet, but may be smoking a salmon as well.  Last year their family nearly came to blows over who was taking the salmon home.  Very gratifying.

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For the first time in over 40 years I am not working. Wife and I are driving to Georgia, to her daughters house for the holiday. I am however bringing all my power tools drills,saws,drivers etc. As daughter purchased a 3 story new house. I have been elected to install fans, chandleers, shelves,.wiring for surround sound etc. Should keep me busy. For that they do all cooking and cleanup not me. Fair trade off, looking forward to it.

                                        I wish everyone here a Healthy and Happy Holiday, and be careful out there. EJB
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for me its very busy work days as the ranch is totally booked, but i truly love it...being here in the desert and not with family or friends, i am at home and happiest doing what i do best.... is such a lasting connection eve is beef tenderloin and salmon, christmas day is roast turkey with all the trimmings, a repeat of thanksgiving really, plus the regular menu, plus some special, i'll probably end up just eating some cheese and crackers somewhere along the way..usually don't have much of an appetite left after all the prepping and cooking...thank god, there is wine!....cheers all!!!

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After work, I am going out for Beef Sashimi and Sake.

anything to get the stench of turkey out of my nostrils... and I have zero plans to cook over the holidays at all, unless it's at work.
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Christmas is usually a group effort so I'm not sure the full menu.  I'm in charge of making stuffing and a couple pies for desert, lemon meringue and apple crisp was requested.  Its a nice little break for me; I had done a 200 person Christmas lunch consisting of turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, glazed carrots, and gravy all on my own.  Managed to steel the bones from that to make some turkey stock at home to use for my stuffing.
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Christmas Eve.. all fish.. stuffed calamari, shrimp scampi, calamari fra diavolo, clams and scallops with a white wine sauce (both with homemade linguine), baked fish and toscanita (almond cantucci & vin santo) and a lemony dessert that I'll concoct.

For Christmas.. it's a family tradition antipasti tray and homemade ravioli with sausage and meatballs in the sauce.  Homemade cannoli for dessert.

It seems our family has been eating the same thing for years but it means "Christmas"

Buon natale!!!
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