Christmas, eat what?

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Growing up, Christmas Eve was always traditional Lithiuanian food at my aunts. Christmas day is always a repeat of Thanksgiving din din, turkey on the grill, sweet and mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry and stuffing. Apps always spinach dip and good cheese......heavy for the start of the holiday but delicious.
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It's hot at Christmas here, so the usual roasts as up in the northern hemisphere are not on my menu (although I have done it that way several times). This year prawns, avocados, green salads, potato salad, cold sliced cured ham, etc. My teens have the dinner as a project this year - should be great fun :D

But there will be Christmas pudding with brandy custard....might even flambe it at the table for a nice change....and great dollops of french vanilla icecream.
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When my brothers and I were kids we always had turkey, stuffing, gravy, green beans, twice stuffed potatoes, jello salad and chocolate pie. Now we celebrate with an extended family (step bros/sis's, their inlaws, nieces/nephews and anyone else who shows up). We do potluck but there will be chocolate!
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