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One of the PBS stations has added the Create channel to their digital lineup. And I mostly enjoy it. Among the shows I dislike is Christina Cooks.

She just doesn't seem to have the gift for cooking. Skills seem shoddy, lots of misinformation and I really can't take the cheesy guitar/songwriter singer at the end.

Am I missing something about her that would show her in a better light?
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I've not seen her show, just cooked with her professionally on stage.  Great vegan chocolate peanut butter cups.....

Christina has an interesting life story.
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I have watched this show many times and I agree with phatch don't care for her, her cooking or John Michael. She can't be a chef, a chef would not put the root of any vegetable in any finished dish. Christina needs cooking lessons from Racheal Ray (wonderful cook with great tv presence) nice try Christina.
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I didn't care for her at first either but I've learned to take everything tv chefs say with a grain of salt. I've noticed factual errors on several of the shows.  And i agree the singer is cheesy as can be but fun for a laugh. If you keep watching the Create Channel, you will find several other tv chefs who are just as annoying in their own way. Top among them in my opinion is Joe Cimineri,"There are no rules in cooking. Taste this."  I once heard him say  something like "Always make sure you...." and in the next breath repeat "There are no rules in cooking" 

Hubert Keller has interesting shows. Cuisine culture with Ashley James is another good one although neither show seems to be on very often.  But I watch all of them when I can and most of the time I learn something and am entertained for half hour. 
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Christina says the most ridiculous things, one of my latest favorites is when an eager student asked her if she washes her vegetables before preparing them. ( They look filthy and un-scrubbed to me- I understand leaving the skins on)  Ms. Expert announced ever so authoritatively that if they are organic you do not have to wash them! How does he have such a following?

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