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Hey all,

I am getting ready to switch seafood vendors, but have never done this kind of thing before. Anyone have any advise as far as questions to ask, or how to choose one company over another. Any advise would be appreciated. Also, if anyone knows a good fish company that services the greater Cincinnati I'm all ears...
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I guess the first question is WHY do you want to change vendors. Screwing you on price? Quality? Ordering desks says "Sure no problem, we'll get it out this afternoon" and then they ship you total cra** that you never ordred?

See if the new vendors can send out fresh sheets, fax or e-mail. Then check with your powers-that-be about terms of credit and if they'll raise holy he** when the new vendors put you on 4 weeks c.o.d. before you get the normal 30 days credit. Then the usual stuff, drivers who drip ice all over the place and make a grab for food on the counter when they leave, invoices that purposley mix up leave the pounds and price columns, ice included in the catch weight, and IQF stuff that seems to be welded togther in an ice-glazed box, you know, the usual stuff.

Oh, and never completly get rid of the last vendor unless he royally screws up, keep him as a back-up when your new vendor gets too comfortable and assumes you rely on him 100% for your seafood.
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If you're going through a sales person, be upfront nad tell them not to reduce or omitt commission to get in the door. I work everything on a vender bid sheet. Make sure the communication is easy.
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Thanks for the info guys.

My current company just isn't that accomidating to my needs, and I feel it's time for a change. I actually get alot of things that I don't order, and it frustrates me, so I'm going to change to another company that I've worked with in the past at other properties.


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I'd just switch. What's the problem? Does the owner have a special connection with this supplier? If you're getting stuff you don't want that means somebody somewhere got outted on their stuff.
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