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    Hi, I'm new to this thread. 

    I'm a student at college studying other subject, expecting to graduate soon. 

    During the last one year and more, I have been thinking hard about choosing a culinary career..

    I started working at a small, high-end restaurant as a dishwasher/kitchen helper last summer as a part-time job. I got the job through a friend working there. I used to work 4 times a week, some doubles in summer, and gradually decreased my work time to 3 times, 2 times, and once a week now, due to school. 

    I realized that I liked working with food and at a restaurant and admire chefs and coworkers. I have come to learn difficult part of being a chef as well, such as working long hours, little income, physically demanding, etc... 

    My question might be silly, but I'm hoping to receive professional opinions about my thoughts about culinary career options.

    (I'm sorry if my plan sounds ridiculous and not realistic, it's because I don't have much experience and insight at all.)

    I'm dreaming of going to culinary school while doing part-time job at a restaurant. 

    Then, after graduation, I am thinking of working at a restaurant for a few years. Then, I would also like to try working at a catering company. I'm also highly interested in hospital or care center. I know working at a hospital or care center is not regarded as an ideal culinary career option, but I was wondering how realistic it is and what the job is like.

    I don't think my question is very specific.. If anyone could provide me with their opinion about my thoughts about building culinary career life, I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks for reading this.
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    Line Cook
    Life is what happens , as you are making plans. 

    Think of smaller objectives , you are still a student and have a long way to go. 

    Think of 1 or 2 small objectives you wish to do, and go on from there. 

    Such as complete a culinary course , while working part time in the industry , then a second goal can be work as a line cook in a decent restaurant for a few years. 

    But i really advise you that before you attempt an type of culinary education get a job actually cooking first and make sure it is full time. That way you have a better understanding of how life in a kitchen is , because working 2-4 times a week part time is not enough. 

    Then if you think you can take it , and you still would like to grow in the industry go after a degree or some type of culinary education while maintaing a job. 

    I usually tell people to think twice about entering the industry , it can be extremely rewarding , but can also be exhausting , you have to love it. 

    Now working at a hospital idk about that. I had a friend who worked at one , and he said it was boring , and the food was no where near what he wanted to produce in the future. So many patients with special requirements , along with the fact the suppliers were chosen by the hospital. Its something to me that seemed boring , slow paced , and uninteresting , but his hours were decent , and his pay was decent as well. I still rather work a faster paced enviroment putting out good food , then work at a hospital or care center ( i could volunteer , but not work full time ). 

    But i wish you luck , and who knows maybe cooking culd be your calling. 

    Its getting late , so ill respond with more opinions later. 
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