Chompies Restaraunt Eating Challenge Experience

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    Hello all,

    I wanted to share a somewhat offtopic experience with you all.  I am an amateur strength athlete, and after a 3 hour work out a friend and I went to Chompies where I would accept their "Ultimate Challenge."  I hope this post sheds some light to others.  The challenge is to consume slider sandwiches, gravy, and onion rings that weigh a total of 5 pounds.  This must be done in 30 minutes.  I ended up running out of time, after I completed eating a little over  60 percent of what is available.  My friend and I didn't think much of it, but when i was leaving I thought in the back of my head it seemed to be more than 5 pounds total and I had asked my friend about it.  We then decided to weigh the left overs (around 40 percent), and we had found the weight to be 3.8 pounds.  Moreover I had gained about 6 pounds after the incident.  Mind you I could have kept eating, i just didn't chew my food fast enough.

    Now it is certain that the total food put forth was closer to ten pounds than the five pounds as per the competition.  The mistake we made was, the food was not weighed prior to the challenge.  I talked to the restaraunt people about this, and they understood and agreed with me.  They told me a mistake was made since they don't perform this that much.

    Oh well all in all I ended up getting double the food, and a story to tell.  Enjoy.  Just a heads up for such things, fairness should be sought and never assumed.
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    Interesting story, well told.