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Hi I would like to start a chocolate business. For now I make my truffles for family and friends from home.How can I get a license to work as a business? What do u need to do?
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Cottage Food Law: you need to find out if your state has a cottage food law. Some forty-five states have cottage food laws that regulate production and sale of food produced in a home kitchen. Your state's Department of Health would most likely be the agency responsible for administration of the cottage food law. In California, the counties will process the application. And some counties have requirements beyond what the state requires.

Cottage foods laws usually regulate how you sell your product. In Texas, you cannot sell a home kitchen product online or deliver by mail.

Cottage Food laws also regulate sales limits, food safety/food handlers training, and product labeling.

Water Activity in Food: If you are not versed on water activity level in food, it's best to do some research on the subject. States with cottage food laws determine allowable products based on water activity level in food. At times it seems contradictory. For instance, California cottage food law prohibits the production and sell of baked goods products that contain cream. Yet it allows the sell of caramel--which is usually made with cream. Some states will allow you to submit lab analysis on your product as proof that it is with in the acceptable water activity levels even if it contains an ingredient that would normally preclude the product from being produced in a home kitchen.
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Hi chocomaniallc,

First, a secret of business: Friends and family love your truffles because they are free. When they have to pay, most of them will choose drugstore/supermarket chocolates.

Second secret of business: If you want to actually make money, you have to do wholesale. If you do wholesale, most merchants demand 1) inspected premises, and 2) bar codes on your packaging..

So, either you jump in off the deep end and invest serious money for a real kitchen, equipment, packaging, and labels, or you happily make chocolates for friends at home for christmas only.

If you do go in off the deep end, it is highly practical to work for others to see how the business works.

Working from home almost always never works out, unless you have a separate, dedicated area (converted basement, converted garage). Even then, you will have to go through the trouble of:cool: installing a grease trap, dedicated handwas and pot wash sinks, as well as commercial flooring.

Hope this helps
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