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I sent several messages on the forum, and all times you answered me! So I wanted to really thank you.
It's quite difficult to find some information!!!
I also need your help one last time....
I look for 3 definitions: chocolate fan (decoration),chocolate leaf, chocolate strands.
I don't need something very complicated, just it is a decoration made with chocolate, and the form it has.
In fact, I have to do a terminological work (a kind of translation work) about chocolate in cakes, and I need definitions, and I can't create them even if I know what it is!!!!! :(
Oh, it also seems chocolate bar are different from "tablette", do you know the difference?
Thank you very much for your help, and please answer me quickly. I have to hand over the work this week.
Thank you very much.
;):bounce: ;)


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Une definition ou une traduction? En francais ou en anglais?

Dans les livres de Lenotre, ceux de l'ecole Lenotre, il y a une version bilingue, francais anglais ou, je crois, se trouve les reponses aux questions posees.
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I'm looking for the English definitions, I've already have the tanslations.
I can't just take a book and takes the definitions, because i live in France (southwest), and I can't find any English cooking books!!!!
That's why I really need your help! :cry:
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If you want to do a search on an english translations....why not go to pick MSN USA and then type in your search word. You will get loads of links to the english chocolate sites complete with translations, definitions, pictures or illustrations.

In fact, Ill make it easy on you. I did the search for are your search results for chocolate.

Chocolate Search on MSN USA


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