chocolate truffles

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Where can I find exotic flavoring ingredients for chocolate truffles?   I've been trying to find a natural coriander flavor,
I tried to create it by steeping the cream with ground coriander and  straining it, but it still comes out gritty, and the flavor not too potent.

I'd appreciate any  hints on procedure or  manufacturers. Thank you.
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Hi and welcome to the forum.I would have been out with flags and banners if id seen you in the welcome forum, Being the temp welcome commitee. There are plenty of folk here who specialise in pastry. I've just watched the last M.O.F competition which was amazing. The 16 were all fabulous, but i think only 4 won the revered title.

There was a thread recently on flavouring chocolate and i was coincidentally experimenting too. My husband had bought me a gorgeous box from Maison du Chocolat... Being a lover of Indian cuisine, I was dipping my way through my spice box with dark coated ganache...ground coriander was, as you found, quite blah!. Cumin was not much better, but Garam masala was amazing.Now there are many blends so please persevere till you find the right one, cos it was really outstanding

Sometimes your thread can be sent way down the list if there is a lot of activity on the forum.So if you dont get a reaction toyour thread,it's notbecause no-one was interested. It just dissapeared in the rush of posts. Happens all the time when its busy.keeptrying if this happens, And feel free to comment on other threads. we love  to chat and debate.

Looking forward tohearing from you
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Petalsandcoco, I see you're a natural helper for people.
I respect how much you seek out info for others.
Thank you for myself and this request again as well.
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Thank you for your welcome. I am nothing if not insistent when it comes to getting a recipe right.  I am sure I'll b e able to find interesting tips and bits of info in this site. Perhaps contribute to some questions, too.
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Thank very much !!  you for your reply. I've already looked at that website and ordered the coriander extract.  I'll keep you informed of the progress in my project.

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