Chocolate Truffle Variations?

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This is my first attempt making truffles, and I have been moderately successful, but I need some assistance with perfecting the recipe.

I was able to create a beautiful ganache following a recipe that called for:

heavy cream,

light corn syrup,



I let the ganache cool in the fridge with a plastic wrap coating for about 6 hours and then formed into balls and then coated with tempered chocolate.

I additionally coated some with nuts, coconut, drizzled white chocolate, etc.

Everything looked great until I tried one this morning.

PROBLEM:    There is very little or no difference (visually, texture, or taste) between the ganache center and the chocolate outside.  In my wife's words, "They are like fudge balls".

They taste pretty good, but they DO NOT look like the professional truffles that I was trying to copy.

The inside is not at all "fluffy" or even slightly "lighter" than the coating.

Technically there is a difference because the ganache melts in your hand almost immediately and the coating is harder at room temperature and only begins to melt after more handling.

?  How can I change the process or ingredients to make my ganache more of a "candy center" type?
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Don't refrigerate your ganache, it just becomes softer and sloppier when you take it out to room temp. .

I like to pour it out onto a cookie tray lined with parchment or cling film, and about 8 hrs later, cut into squares, then roll into balls.

Since butter melts at a much lower temp than chocolate, a ganache made with buttter will be much softer.

You can substitute part of your cream with any kind of booze, fruit puree, or juice. You can also add in chopped nuts, cooca nibs, etc into the ganache before rolling 

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