chocolate spray gun

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 My chocolate is for display only   so the above does not apply.... I did a video on taking apart and cleaning

 a Wagner. It's a 3 minute job cleaning.  
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Good to hear some responsible thinking. Paint guns are for paint, not food. This is about ethics, there hasn't always been a choice of sprayers and therefore a paint spray gun could do the job. I wouldn't use cheap metal knives in my kitchen so why would I compromise use a paint gun to prepare food. These days we know about the harmful toxins that are in cheap plastics and when we go to the trouble of lovingly making such exquisite food, why taint it when there are now safe options out there.

The KREBS models are also really easy to clean, you can put the nozzles and container in the dishwasher and then reassembles easily in less than a minute....see for yourself... 

I wouldn't be without mine and that's why I'm so enthusiastic about it. I love it's versatility and use it for all sorts of applications in my kitchen.

As long as people are informed and know what's available they can make an informed choice.
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Thanks K.
Believe me I am far from perfect and have been known climb up on the nearest box and spout snarky drivel on occasion.
The hardware as kitchen tool issue is one I have felt strongly about ever since I discovered Alton Brown.
We see eye to eye on most everything but this one subject.

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I am happy to see improvements in this area.
Maybe now more will be willing to spend the extra $$ and get the real deal and not be so tempted to go the hardware store route.
I completely understand the temptation to save the money but if the value is now there well......

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We use the Grex gun with our own spray booth.....the results are unbelievable.

Good spray quality and no mense with over spray!
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Can I recommend that you use a box that can be washed.  Contamination via cardboard is really on the increase and the health inspectors hate to see it in the kitchen at all!  There are plenty of clear plastic 'boxes' that can be used instead :)
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@HappyHelen  ,

  They are not that easy to track down. We finally found a source a couple of years ago that had food grade sheets. They have to be extruded

for some reason. We even had them hinge 3 sides for us. The hinges and glue are also food safe. Not sure, they might apply the hing with heat.

We used the tri fold with a piece on the bottom and one on the top. I think is was Professional Plastics thought not sure. I replace everything. We can

turn the tri folds into sugar boxes with ease. We had an X cut into a few tops so we can maneuver the heat lamps around. the even put channels on the top and

bottom. They're easy to carry somewhere and you can set up a sugar box in 2 minutes.

I think the extrusion process makes it plexi through and through. No air. They don't seem to scratch.

We used to have wooden ones covered with SS. Took 3 guys to carry it.
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Explain what you mean by Lube ? We put a little oil in our air bush before and after we spray cocoa butter is that you mean? Thanks 
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