chocolate recipe help!!!! please :)

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ok so for my class, we have to create an original themed menu for a contest.

Spicy Spinach Salad w/ chocolate vinnaigrette
Chocolate Goat Cheese Truffles

Duck Breast w/ Blackberry Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate Souffle a la Mode

im simply wondering a few things

first, what would be the best way to make my chocolate goat cheese truffles? what im going for is not EXACTLY a truffle per say, its more of like fried goat cheese filled chocolate ball. a scoop of goat cheese into a chocolate batter deep fried, what would be teh best to make the chocolate batter to where it would harden in the frying process

second, i need sides to go with my duck breasts and chocolate. what vegetables and starches would you all use? i was thinin likke zuchini or something. tho im clueless. please help me out! thanks!
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