Chocolate paper bag. Bag supply?

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I'd like to make a chocolate paper bag for the upcoming holiday events. Just two or three. But with the prolific plastic bags, I'm not sure who carries the small paper bags anymore.
If you haven't made one, it's easy. Just pastry brush melted chocolate on the inside of a paper bag, multiple layers.Let sit, peel the paper away and you have a chocolate paper bag. Lay on it's side and make a display with chocolate covered fruits, meringue mushrooms, etc. Quite festive.
Anyway, where to get the bags?


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Have you looked online yet? I still see lots of places using paper bags so they shouldn't be too difficult to come by. I would probably start as your local, large craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Jo Ann's fabrics. They sell candy making supplies and packaging material so you might find the size you need. Beyond that I know that Sysco carries, at least 6# and 8# brown paper bags, but those are to large for you, unless you are making a centerpiece. Only problem is you will need to buy a full case, which is 500.
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Thanks for the reply. I actually found what I need at the local hardware. Forgot they have paper bags for small parts, etc.
They are probably used other places but the hardware store is a good source.
Thanks again.
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