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I recently came across this recipe on the blog and I was so mesmerised by this cake I had to give it a go. But when I made it, it failed.... completely. It refused to bake. I left it in the oven for hours, doing exactly as they told me. Leaving it in the water til it was cool???? But it did not cook, at all. Only the top hardened a little so I was pretty much just left with a wet gooey mess. What went wrong? Is it because my room temperature is different from the one at river cafe? I live in a tropical climate where rtp is about 28-33 degree celsius...
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Hopefully one of the baking experts will jump in here but I'll begin by asking if your oven is calibrated and did you verify the oven temp with an oven thermometer. 

     Secondly, the recipe reads 120 Celsius, which is 248 Fahrenheit. I misread that the first time I read the recipe and would have set the oven temp for 120F, not C.  Is your oven designed for C or F? 248 F would seem plenty hot enough to cook the cake so I would suspect a temperature issue. 
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Looks like Julia Child's 'Queen of Sheba' cake.  From one of the comments under the recipe:

"Looks absolutely gorgeous! Your recipe seems to be some kind of a halfed recipe. The original recipe in the first River Café Cookbook calls for 675 gms of chocolate, an equal amount of castor sugar and 10 eggs.  The recipe was always said to be a desaster. When people tried it after the book was published it was a huge failure for most people. Even professional cooks – hired by newspapers – couldn’t make it work. Maybe too much sugar in the original recipe?"
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Sorry, Queen of Sheba.  It's not exactly the same as the nemesis cake but seems similar, without the simple syrup.

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