Chocolate modeling clay on the wedding cake

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I found a recipe for chocolate modeling clay and I was wondering whether I could use it to cover the wedding cake? I made a small batch, rolled it out and tried it on the back of the pan to see how it would take the shape. More or less it behaves like a rolled fondant as far as modeling is concerned. It just has a bit stiffer consistency. Have any of you ever tried this method on a real cake? I was thinking to cover the cake with chocolate buttercream frosting before applying chocolate modeling clay. Do you guys think this would work?

I have all these questions as I have to make the chocolate covered cake for the wedding. The bride told me that I could use rolled fondant, but I have hard time coloring white rolled fondant to chocolate color. I used Wilton's brown color, but all it gives me is a poop color, and I am quite sure the bride would freak out when she would see it. :eek:

The cake is chocolate pound cake filled with whipping cream and raspberries. Because of the whipping cream, I have to keep the cake in the fridge, but I am thinking that condensation might occur on the chocolate covering, as we live in relatively hot, and very humid area. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help. Much appreciate it. :)
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I think it'll be difficult since modeling chocolate doesn't drape and stretch the way fondant does. My recipe, at least, always tends to look 'textured' as well if I roll out such a large sheet of it. What about pouring the cake in ganache?
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My thoughts exactly, cover the cake with marzipan to ensure the edges are perfect then cover the whole cake in ganache would probrably be easier and more asthetically pleasing then to drap with chocolate clay.
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I've used this to make florals for a chocolate groom's cake. It will harden quite a bit and I would not use to cover the cake. Two options, ChocoPan
(chocolate fondant type product) or rolled buttercream. Recipe for rolled buttercream is on the site on the fondant pages.
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There is a recipe in the Cake Bible for Chocolate rolled fondant. ( the book's at work, and I'm not, but I'll send it to you if you can't find it ( the recipe that is, not my book)

Basically its a substitution of cocoa powder for icing sugar in the rolled fondant recipe.

a whole lot cheaper than chocolate clay ( chocolate & corn syrup) is smooth and rich dark chocolate colour and yummy too.
hope that helps

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Hey ChameleonChef, would you send me the recipe too? I've tried 2 recipes including one for chocolate rolled buttercream that were horrendous and sort of greyish-brown. Thanks!
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