Chocolate Glacage

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I am looking for a recipe for "chocolate glacage" to replace the poured fondant which is too sweet for my taste. It's important that the glacage will solidify after covering the cake. I understand recipes which include gelatine will not solidify? and recipes which include "pate a glacer" are expensive because of the cost of the pate a glacer? Any suggestion for a happy medium?
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1 part 33% cream

1 part chocolate

Basically, a ganache

Sets up loverly, gives off a nice shine, cheaper than anything that comes out of a bucket.
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ok so the cream and chocolate receipe...THAT is ganache. a Glacage is different because of the addition of oil and/or cornsyrup. the receipe i have is perfect, well stay super shiny but like any glacage you must work fast

Oil (any kind well work) 1-2 T depending on how flowly u want the chocolate it is easier to work with, with more oil

butter 2oz

dark chocolate 6 oz

heavy cream 7 oz
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well try this one..

cream 35% fat   1litre

sugar     150 g

cocoa powder    150 g

gelatin   7 leaves

heat the cream then add the cocoa powder and sugar which you should mix together then add the gelatin leaves. then let cool till the consistency that you need
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Glacage and Ganache are two different things and two different consistancies, and two different preps.
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